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Model No.︰Ionic Uv Purifi
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description


This product is a negative ion generator mounted light photocatalyst, it created the principle of like thunder lightning, causing a large number of activated carbon, activated oxygen in the air, electronic and molecules of air (oxygen) can create ions, is the air purification. 

Photocatalyst is a light at 365NM irradiation, resulting in photosynthesis, light has a strong oxidation-reduction function, oxidized decomposition of various organic compounds and some inorganic substances, can damage the cell membrane of bacteria and cure the virus protein, can kill bacteria and decomposition of organic pollutants, organic pollutants down into non-polluting water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which has a strong bactericidal, deodorant, anti-mildew, anti-fouling and self-cleaning, air purification function. 

Introduction anion (1) 

Ahead of metabolism: the body's enzymes activate and promote metabolism. 

The reform of lung function: lung can absorb more oxygen 20%, emissions of carbon dioxide more than 15%. 

Reduce the harm and to protect the eyes from the high-voltage electrostatic television and computers. 

Second-hand smoke damage to efficiency, environmental protection and health. 

Enhanced Resistance: Change skin reactions, skin function within the activation system and enhance the skin resistance 

To improve sleep: The functions of carbon, it makes people's spirit, courage, improve work efficiency, but also the reform of 

Hair comb, friction can make each other's hair and absorption are natural straight hair can not, therefore, but the carbon - 

Disinfection function: you can create a lot of carbon-carbon products, as well as mini-ozone, can be more easily absorbed in-one 

Remove the mist and dust: Neutralize carbon and negative charge, fog, powder, dust and the positive charge can 

Protection of Hair: The hair is a great positive-ion itself, and stick a great lot of dust. When people Khaki 

A variety of viruses, bacteria, so that changes in the structure and energy transfer, leading to death. Divide dust and bacteria, reducing 

Protection: Neutralize high voltage electrostatic TV and computer, it enters the carbon protective layer in front of them. 


The work principle, purification and energy conservation through the establishment of carbon 

The current high voltage, in order to create high electric dizziness, high-speed emissions from large electric power, the power can not create carbon, 

Bacteria (such as bacteria, mold, mites, etc.), dust, etc., floating in the air, xylene, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc.) 

Disappearance of smoke: the rapid elimination of cigarette smoke in the air, break down harmful. 

Rule out the poison: kill all kinds of nocuousness germina air, to remove all kinds of nocuousness laboratory turbulence (such as benzene, 

Rule out the flavor: get rid of all kinds of peculiar smell. 

The principle is the same natural "thunder lightning lava" including in the air for a long period of time (the power of life has just only saline level), 

The role of photocatalyst: 

Photocatalyst [Photocatalyst] is light [Photo = Light] + catalyst (catalyst) [catalyst] of the compound words. Photocatalyst is a kind of nano-titanium dioxide has a photocatalytic function represented by the light of the general semiconductor materials, is currently the international governance of the best materials, indoor environmental pollution. 

Photocatalyst in the light irradiation, will produce similar photocatalytic reaction of photosynthesis, resulting in a strong oxidation ability of free hydroxyl and reactive oxygen species, which has strong light oxidation-reduction function, oxidized decomposition of various organic compounds and Some inorganic substances, can damage the cell membrane of bacteria and cure the virus protein, can kill bacteria and decomposition of organic pollutants, organic pollutants down into non-polluting water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which has a strong bactericidal , deodorant, anti-mildew, anti-fouling and self-cleaning, air purification function. 

Photocatalytic properties for the use of air, oxygen molecules and water molecules in contact with organic matter is converted to carbon dioxide with the water, can not afford to change their own, but can promote the chemical reactions of substances, in theory, valid for a very long-term, low maintenance costs. At the same time, titanium dioxide itself is non-toxic harmless, has been widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics and other areas. 


Newest H1N1 Flu fighter/air purifier join UV+ion+Photocatalyst 


The newest and first class air purifier which join the 3( Uv+ anion+ photocatalyst) in 1 unit.

The unit distroy all germs including Swine Flu (H1N1) ,virus,mold,and bacteria,asthma or allergies.


The item not only kill germs,but also make the air clear at the same time,because we use the anion .So within 30 second can clear the smoke .





Advantages︰ Now First ,Let's introduce Photocatalyst as below:

Photocatalyst is a molecular level of the metal oxide material (titanium dioxide, commonly used) that coating on the substrate surface, under the action of the light produced a strong catalytic degradation of function: can effectively degrade toxic and harmful gases in the air; be effective kill a variety of bacteria, and bacteria or fungi can release toxins to decompose and harmless treatment; but also have the odor, dirt and other functions. 


photocatalyst action principle: 

Photocatalyst categories: visible light UV-type photocatalyst-based Photocatalyst 

Photocatalyst in a specific band of light irradiation, will produce photochemical effects, the light energy into chemical energy which gives the surface a strong photocatalytic oxidation, oxidized mineralized part of the decomposition of various organic compounds and inorganic, and has anti-bacterial role. 

In the light irradiation, the photocatalyst can absorb the equivalent of the energy band gap below the light, so that electronic access to a certain degree of energy, away from the shackles of nuclear and electronic track to become free electrons, while the original e-accounts with the orbit generated from the air due to electronic points, so that the surface of photocatalyst cause a lot of electronic (e-) and holes (h +) pairs. These electrons and holes can be maintained with water or oxygen reaction capacity to produce hydroxyl radicals (· OH) and super-Yin oxygen ions (· O). As Table 1 shows, these holes and hydroxyl radical oxidation can be greater than the 120kcal/mol, has a strong oxidation capacity, almost all elements be able to cut off the decomposition of organic molecules in chemical bonds. So you can be a variety of harmful chemical substances, decomposition of malodorous substances, or harmful treatment, to purify the air, dirt deodorant effect. 


Photocatalyst main functions and features of 

(1) comprehensive: Photocatalyst can effectively degrade formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC and other pollutants, and has high performance, broad-spectrum disinfection, bacteria or fungi can release toxins and break down harmless treatment. 

(2) continues: In the reaction process, the photocatalyst itself will not change and loss, in the light exposure may be continuous purification of pollutants, a time-lasting, sustained role in advantages. 

(3) Safety: non-toxic, harmless to human body safe and reliable; the final reaction products of carbon dioxide, water and other harmless substances, does not produce secondary pollution. 

(4) efficiency: Photocatalyst the use of an inexhaustible supply of solar energy and solar energy can be spread to the environment with low concentrations of pollutants in the state of purification removed.


Photocatalyst, as a new kind of air purification products, mainly has the following functions: 

A. air purification function: formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other health effects from the class of hazardous organic compounds play a purification. 

B. bacteria: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other agents with a germicidal effect. While in the sterilization of the bacterial decomposition of dead bodies on the release of harmful compounds. 

C. deodorizing functions: on the cigarette smell, smelly toilets, garbage stink, smelly animals, such as a deodorant effect. 

D. anti-pollution function: to prevent oil spills, dust and other produce. Right in the bathroom of mold, water, rust, yellow toilet base and the rust and painting side fading and other phenomena produced equally prevent the effect. 

E. purification functions: a water purification and water purification function of organic hazardous substances, and has a super-hydrophilic surface, there is fog, washable, dry performance. 



A. living and working place: living room, office, conference room, computer room, auditorium, banquet hall, apartments, cars, etc.; 

B. Public entertainment community health care: hospital waiting room, ward, maternity health care centers, kindergartens, pet hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, public health, the smoking room, Kara OK rooms, restaurants, etc.; 

C. specific places: schools, hotels, laboratories, food processing, poultry and livestock farms, etc.; 

D. Li regional and appliances: Family Kitchen, carding units, restaurant, tableware, bathroom, bath, toilet, toilet, living room, curtains, walls, ceilings, toys, furniture, storage tanks, garbage, study, smoking areas and living areas


Secondly ,Let's introduce anion:

Anion, also known as "active oxygen" or "air vitamin", which like the sun, air, human health, a substance indispensable to life. Scientific research shows that: the content of negative ions in the air is to determine the air quality an important factor in good or bad, the air contains the right amount of negative ions can not only efficient dust removal, sterilization, air purification, but also be able to activate the oxygen molecules in the air to form oxygen anion, active air molecules to improve the human lung function, promote metabolism, enhance disease resistance, regulate the central nervous system, people filled with energy, vitality and so on. 


Linkage negative ions through the anion generator pulse oscillation circuit, the low-voltage step-up through the high-voltage module for the DC negative high voltage, through the continuous generation of cutting-edge carbon fiber high negative dc corona, high-speed launch of a large number of electronic (e-) , and e can not survive for long in the air of which (in the air in the presence of electronic life span of only ns level), will immediately be in the air oxygen molecule (O2) to capture to form negative ions, which works with the natural phenomenon "thunder lightning" negative ions generated when the phenomenon is consistent. 


Negative ion generator will be low-voltage through the step-up DC negative high voltage circuits, the use of cutting-edge high-voltage DC to produce high corona, high-speed release a large number of e-e-, electronic and can not long exist in the air (there is an electronic life span of only nS level), will immediately be in the air oxygen molecule (O2) to capture. The formation of negative ions, it works with the natural world, "thunder, lightning," a phenomenon arising from the same anion. 


Anion nowhere in nature everywhere. Thunder lightning, plant photosynthesis, waterfalls and other natural phenomena impact water can produce a large number of negative ions, which is that people in the thunderstorm weather, forests, waterfalls next to feel the fresh air the special reason. 


Negative ion generator - the role of 

(1), manufacture of reactive oxygen species: negative oxygen ions can effectively activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it more active and more easily absorbed by the body, to effectively prevent "negative ion generator, air-conditioned disease." 


(2), improvement in lung function: human inhalation of oxygen anions, the lungs can increase the absorption of oxygen, 20%, while more than 15% of the carbon dioxide emissions. 


(3), the promotion of metabolism: a variety of enzymes to activate the body and promote metabolism. 


(4), increased disease resistance: You can change the body response capabilities, an active reticuloendothelial system function, enhance the body immunity. 


(5), improvement of sleep: The role of negative oxygen ions will enable people in high spirits, working efficiency, but also improve sleep, with a clear analgesic effect. 


(6), bactericidal function: negative ion generator to generate a large number of negative ions will also produce small quantities of ozone, the two are combined more easily adsorbed viruses, bacteria, to produce changes in the structure or energy transfer, resulting in his death. Dust sterilization, to reduce hazards of passive smoking more effectively. Environmental health visible. 


(7), fresh air, smoke and dust: negatively charged anion and floating in the air with a positively charged electrode in the smoke and dust to make it a natural deposition. 


(8), protective effect: Chinese and television, the computer's high-voltage static electricity, in its protective layer in front of the formation of a layer of negative ions are effective in reducing television, computer-generated high-voltage static electricity damage to the eyes, effective in preventing myopia, while reducing the dust on the television, the computer damage. 


(9), negative ion can strengthen the hair's moisture degree, generally spread bowed published appear before the Yulin Zhuang, negative ions can make the hair surface, so that spread of the Yulin Zhuang recovery looks more shiny hair, while you can and in hair existed between the static to prevent the hair split ends. 


The third is the most important is UV :

In bacteria DNA (DNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA) and the nucleoprotein of the strongest UV absorption peak at 254 ~ 257nm. 

UV absorption of bacteria, the cause DNA strand breaks, resulting in cross-linking of nucleic acids and proteins break down, kill the biological activity of nucleic acids and cause bacterial death. 

Advantages: Fast 

Secondary pollution 

UV disinfection of bacteria and viruses on common efficiency (radiation intensity: 30000μW/cm2) 

Types of bacteria to kill the object seconds (S) 

Bacteria Bacillus anthracis 0.3 

Tetanus 0.3 

Shigella 1.5 

E. coli 0.4 

Staphylococcus 1.3 

TB 0.4 

Virus Influenza Virus 0.3 

Polio Virus 0.8 

Hepatitis B Virus 0.8 

Bacteriorhodopsin syncytial virus 0.2 

Aspergillus niger mold spores 0.3-6.7 

Mucor 4.6 

Penicillium 0.9-3.0 

Water, algae, blue green algae

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