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中國 殺菌燈管廠

宇普電器坐落于經濟發達的長三角地區,是目前中國 紫外線殺菌燈管廠家,,品種1500種各種類型的消毒器,殺菌燈管,年產量為250萬只,宇普電器目前有職工688人,其中有高級技術人員16人,引進臺灣,韓國生產機器26台,自行研製機器15種,產品獲CE,ROSH,UL 等認証,產品遠銷歐美,加拿大,南美50多個國家,全力打造紫外線王國,熱忱歡迎海內外客人
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中國 殺菌燈管廠

宇普電器坐落于經濟發達的長三角地區,是目前中國 紫外線殺菌燈管廠家,,品種1500種各種類型的消毒器,殺菌燈管,年產量為250萬只,宇普電器目前有職工688人,其中有高級技術人員16人,引進臺灣,韓國生產機器26台,自行研製機器15種,產品獲CE,ROSH,UL 等認証,產品遠銷歐美,加拿大,南美50多個國家,全力打造紫外線王國,熱忱歡迎海內外客人。

SHANGYU YUP LIGHTING CO.,LTD is a leading manufacturer of UV lamps(UVA Lamp,UVB lamp,UVC lamp),Water treatment lamps, Air & Water Purifier, air and water sterilizers, and other ultra violet lamps, Aquatic equipments,uv ballasts etc. in China,It was established in 1973 and the annual output volume of the uv lamps is 2500000pcs,including the uv quartz bulbs and uv soft glass bulbs and uv disinfects.

Our Products as follows: 1)Germicidal Lightings:Uv disinfection lamps, Ultraviolet lamps, UV-C Germicidal lamps, UV-A nail curing lamps, UV-B lamps,uv lights,bacterial killing lamps,etc.

We also produce uv Sterilight replacement bulb,Replacement uv lamps series of Trojan Technologies,Steriaire uv replacement lamps,USHIO uv replacement lamps,Wonder light uv replacement lamps,Rainbow replacement sterilizer bulbs,Pondmaster uv replacement bulb,Gamma Uv Replacement lamps,Chiyoda Kohan Replacement bulb,Philips style uv replacement lamps,Light Sources replacement uv lamps,SANKYO replacement uv bulbs, First Light uv replacement lamp, GE replacement lamp,Atlantic ultraviolet replacement lamps,uv replacement lamp of Aquafine lamps,Tuv lamps,amalgam uv lamps,cothode cathode uv bulbs and uv ballasts etc.

2) Energy saving lamps & compact fluorescent lamps,anion lamp and other fluorescent lamps,medical lamps,black light blue fluorescent lamp(BLB), BL tube, etc 3) Water treatment Equipments:water treatment lamp,water purify uv kit,water purifier,water dispenser, straight water drinking machine, pumps, uv lamps for water,uv water filter.

4)Air purifier/uv sterlizer: uv-c germicical lamps,HVAC sterilizer ,anion airpurifying lamp, quartz germicidal lamps, hand sanitizer etc.

5)quartz tubes/sleeves: many kinds quartz sleeves or tubes can be made as per customer's requirement. etc.

We welcome you visit our website and wish to establish long and firm business relations. If you are interested in any of our uv lamps & uv bulbs, please do not hesitate to contact us

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