UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1097-R

05-1097-R Atlantic Ultraviolet MP22, S23, ATS Aqua Treatment Service ATS-2-436, Crystal Clear Martin Water CMP22, Ideal Horizons 22002, IH-25, IV-25, SH-10, SH-20, SH-7, Master Water HIMSP6165, Siemens/Sunlight LP4095, Wedeco IV-25, GPH436T5L 
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1346-R

05-1346-R replaces American Ultraviolet CE-10-2SL, CE-10-SL, GML060, GR-10-SL, SM-10-SL, TB-12-W, UF-10-SL, UFA-10-SL, Aquafine 3050, DW300, SL-10A, ATS Aqua Treatment Service ATS-1-805, DWS-6, DWS-7, DWSW-6, SE-7, Glasco 1842, Ideal Horizons 2001, 12001 Siemens LP4165, Sunlight LP4165, Ultra Dynamics 7008-248, it is 17 watts, 357 mm in length and has a single pin on both ends. 
UV Germicidal Replacement Lamp 05-1343-R

05-1343R replaces Advanced UV, Inc 7330SWA, AUV-S
American Ultraviolet CE-36, CE-36-2, DB36, GML005, RT-2G/2CW27M, RT-2G/2CWE, RT-2G/SCW277, RT-36-2GE, RT-36-2GM,RT-36-4GE, RT-36-4GM, SC-1, SM-36-L, TB-36-W, WM-36-L
Aquafine CSL4R, CSL6R, CSL8R, CSL10R, CSL12R, DWS12, DWS15, DWS24, PVCL1, 3084, DW400, DW8, MP2SL, SL1
Atlantic Ultraviolet Mightpure MP36A, MP36B, MP36C, Sanitron S37A, S37B, S37C
ATS Aqua Treatment Service FTUV15, ATS-15, ATS-8-246, DWS-12, DWS-15, DWS-24, DWSW-12, SE-15, SE-24
Crystal Clear Martin Water CMP36, CUV15, CUV15E, CUV24E
Eiko G36T5L
General Electric 15874, G36T5
Glasco 1642, 2460
Ideal Horizons 11001, 12012, 12003, 12008, SH-15, SHE-15
Lancaster Pump 7-L8-246
Philips Lighting 292672, TUV36T5/SP
Photoscience Japan 7330SWA, 7330WS
Port Star PW8
Pura PW2
Siemens 3084, LP4040, ZCSPL3084
Sunlight 3084, LP4040, ZCSPL3084
Ultra Dynamics 7008-246, DW9
Ultraviolet Purification EP8, L300040
Water Gem 12012
Water Master WG-15S, 15S, WG-15D
Wedeco 11001, 12012, it is 41 Watts, 843 mm in length and has a single pin on both ends.

05-0176-R American Water Service PT20, Aqua-Pure Systems UVLB-1X, ATS (Aqua Treatment Service) EV20E, ATS-4-810, Biolite BIO12, UVLB-1X, Cuno APUV-12, UVLB-1X, Glasco GS4305L, Ideal Horizons 42012, 42012, Master Water HIMSV-20, Neptune (Water Treatment & Accessories), Tri-20, WTA4-810, 5020, 5000, 5030, Purtest PT20, Wedeco 42012, GPH810T5L/4. The lamp is 39 watts, 810 mm in length, rated effective life 10,000 hrs., change once a year.

05-0510 replaces Aqua-Pure Systems 56058-41, APUV24, APUV-5, APUV65, Cuno APUV-5, R-Can sterilight S463RL, S5Q, S5Q/2, S5Q-Gold, S5Q-Gold/2, S5Q-PA, S5Q-PA/2, SSM-24, SSM-24/2, S463RL, the lamp is 28 watts, 463 mm in length, rated effective life 10,000 hrs., change once a year.